The Bulgarian Gas centre is active in the following spheres:

  • Appraisal, training, qualification and re-qualification of the gas companies’ staff;
  • Design and distribution of specialized educational programmes, specialized publications and teaching aids in the sphere of natural gas;
  • Implementation of public educational programmes on the advantages of natural gas and its safe use;
  • Provision of products or services relevant to innovative, developed or leading technologies, know-how and other objects of intellectual and industrial property in the sphere of gas technologies;
  • R&D and innovative activity in the sphere of gas technologies;
  • Consulting, marketing, surveys and analyses of gas markets;
  • Organization of scientific and application-oriented workshops and conferences  on the issues of natural gas production, transmission, distribution, trading and use;
  • Rendering information services in the sphere of natural gas;
  • Establishment and development of trading relations, joint activities and cooperation with other across-border centres with a similar scope of business.