Written by Nick Grealy

In the spirit of environmental sustainability,  forgive me for recycling this comment I made in response to an FT story that started out:

The jury is still out on whether the US shale gas revolution can be replicated in Europe.


On October 21st 2009 teams of “Sofiagas” EAD added another 1.3 kilometers to the gas distribution network in the Vitosha neighborhood in Sofia. In that way, the infrastructure, built by Overgas all over the country has a total length of over 2000 kilometers. The longest distribution ...


Since early April 2009 the team of Energoconsult AD, Overgas subsidiary, has commissioned the first cogenerator for power and heating generation in a local heating station in the Ovcha Kupel neighbourhood in Sofia.

The cogenerator operates on natural gas, has a power capacity of 170 ...



«Staff training is crucial for the successful development of the natural gas market in Bulgaria and maintenance of leading position on the gas distribution market»

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The Bulgarian gas centre is an internationally recognized TRAINING CENTRE for gas technologies, for implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in the energy sector and training and certification of gas supply engineering-technical staff.

The professional training and qualification of gas sector staff is a component of the employees’ corporate training and culture as well as a long-term priority of each gas company’s staff policy. Improvement of employees’ qualification is of a continuous nature and spreads over the entire performance targeting:

  • Training and certification of engineering-technical staff;
  • In-depth expansion and deepening of gas experts’ knowledge and skills;
  • Maintenance of a constantly high level of qualification consistent with the goals, tasks and responsibilities involved in  design and construction of  gas pipelines, gas grids, equipment and installations;
  • Implementation of new technologies.