2000 kilometers of gas distribution network enables 240 thousand household consumers of Overgas

On October 21st 2009 teams of “Sofiagas” EAD added another 1.3 kilometers to the gas distribution network in the Vitosha neighborhood in Sofia. In that way, the infrastructure, built by Overgas all over the country has a total length of over 2000 kilometers. The longest distribution network is in Sofia – 500 kilometers. It is followed by the networks in Varna (132 kilometers), Stara Zagora (126 kilometers), Veliko Turnovo (116 kilometers), Rouse (114 kilometers), Yambol (112 kilometers), etc.

In 2009 Overgas already invested an additional 7 million leva in the construction of 42.356 kilometers more and its needed installments.

The number of households, switching to natural gas is also growing. 240 thousand Bulgarian households already use the benefits of the eco-friendly and cheap fuel.

During the summer, teams of Overgas made sure the network is in good condition and is able to take on the pressure from the high consummation during the winter. The infrastructure’s proper functioning was also checked periodically by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission – all assessments were excellent.